Datasheets - User's Guides
MC68020 User's Manual First Ed. [Motorola 1992 306p]
Application Notes
AN539 Interfacing the DP8420A to the 68020 [NS 1989 22p]
AN944 MC68020 and MC68881 Platform Board for Evaluation in a 16-Bit System [Motorola 1987 14p]
AN1015 MC68020 Minimum System Configuration [Motorola 1989 10p]
AN2008 MCF5307 to MC68EC020 Gateway Reference Design [Motorola 2000 20p]
ANE001 32-Bit Computer Design using the MC68020 MC68881 MC68851 [Motorola 10p]
An SVIC to 68020 Arbiter Design [Cypress 1995 15p]
Interfacing the VIC068A to the MC68020 [Cypress 1994 5p]
AR217 The Motorola MC68020 [IEEE Micro 1984 18p]
The MC68020 32-Bit Microprocessor [BYTE 1984 10p]
Boards - Projects
The DEFINICON 68020 Coprocessor [BYTE 1986 28p]
The DEFINICON 68020 Coprocessor PALs Sources [BYTE 1987 9p]