Datasheets - User's Guides
MC68040 User's Manual [Motorola 1993 442p]
MC68040 User's Manual Addendum [Motorola 1998 5p]
MC68040 User's Manual Errata [Motorola 2005 4p]
MC68EC040 Appendix B [Motorola 1999 18p]
MC68LC040 Appendix A [Motorola 1999 14p]
MC68040 Designers Handbook [Motorola 1990 256p]
TS68040 Datasheet [Atmel 2002 49p]
MC68040V Product Brief [Motorola 1993 8p]
MC68060 Product Brief [Motorola 1994 10p]
MC68060 User's Manual [Motorola 1994 416p]
MC68060 Errata [Motorola 1996 12p]
SpeedUp your 68040 with Interleaved Bursting EPROM Interface [The Computer Application Journal 1993 11p]
Porting software from an MC68040 to an MC68060 [Electronic Design 1994 15p]
MC68040 Floating-Point Support Package [Motorola 1991 8p]